“Welcome to GP – Bali Wedding Photographer website”

We are a group of young professional photographers who are passionate and dedicated to make you feel unique and valued throughout your wedding seasons. We believed that everyone has a different stories in their relationship, it means that your wedding photographs should be as special as your stories. The moments is yours, happened once in a life time and would never be the same again. You are you, you are very special and you don’t deserve the same template photographs like everyone else’s photos and albums. So, we are here to ensure your wedding/engagement photographs will be captured in a very creative way.

We’ve born in Bali, grow in Bali and lived in Bali, so no doubt that we knew a lot of fabulous spot for your unforgettable moments. Destination wedding outside Bali ??? Why Not ?? We will be very loved to travel all around the world capturing your unforgettable moments.

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